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Shandong Clinisciences Biological Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to research, development, production, and sales of in vitro diagnostic reagents and equipment. The company is located in the Linyi National High-Tech lndustrial Development Zone, Shandong Province. It was listed on the New Third Board in 2015. Through over a decade of research, Clinisciences has accumulated a strong core of competitiveness, with a number of product patents. The company has received numerous awards and honors since its establishment, such as the honorary titles of top ten local incubation enterprises and gazelle enterprises. As Clinisciences actively expands its business and product categories, the company maintains its focus on research and development, as well as personnel training.


As a member of the in vitro diagnostic industry, Clinisciences has a comprehensive line of biochemical diagnostic products, including the automatic biochemical analyzer series, the in vitro diagnostic reagent series, the biochemical cleaning solution series, the blood cell reagent series, and the calibration quality control product series. The wide array of products continue to benefit from the company's emphasis on research and development. In 2017, the company established a research and development center in Pudong, Shanghai. Through the latest capillary electrophoresis detection technology, the company has obtained a number of patent authorizations. Kunming Biao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Clinisciences Biological Co., Ltd., has a number of production technologies related to raw material enzymes in biochemical diagnostic reagents. The firm is the largest OEM supplier of homocysteine reagents in China.


Since its establishment, Clinisciences has taken product innovation as its core mission, insisting on technology-based and independent research and development. With the company's principle of "quality first, customer first" at the forefront, the high quality of products are ensured by the perfect quality management system and quality assurance system. The company's strong technical service team provides assistance to customers throughout the entire sales process, from pre-sales and in-sales, to after-sales services. The company's excellent reputation has enabled it to grow rapidly in recent years, and its sales network covers all corners of the country.


In Clinisciences, we believe in excellent product quality, professional services, and relentless innovations. Partner with us, and together we will advance the field of healthcare technology!